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Presented by State Library Victoria

in the style of robert browning

*this was for my most recent literature sac creative response where the prompt was ‘ hidden desires’ and we had to write in the style of robert browning*

A chill had begun to hang around,

Among the gardens and open grounds.

Yet she still sits under the old oak tree,

Always waiting but never for me.

The wind blew the leaves towards her there,

Reaching up she brushed away her hair.

Softly I mimic the movement too,

If she were to dance, I’d follow the queue.

Her eyes dart up at the sound of feet,

To right next to me (the busy old street).

All words in my throat die instantly.

Oh to join her and speak endlessly!

A figure join her, and my heart sighs,

In the same time, a bird shrilly cries.

It cuts off the works she had to say,

At least nature is on my side today.

To tell her of my hidden desire,

Involved the words “yes I’m a liar”.

How could she even believe the truth,

When we’d be so close, so long, (since youth!)

Let’s not mention the world’s reaction,

And their need for instant prevention.

“No rainbow people allowed in now!

Get lost! We have no need for a starved cow”.

What a loss it will be for only me,

Your life is yours, mine melancholy.

One day there might be a time for us,

Without a world that makes too much fuss.

Her cheeks have gone red from the fierce cold,

If my mind hadn’t been made, I’d be sold/

She’s spotted me now and she softens,

I can tell if I ask, her arms will open.

But it is too painful to reach out,

So I turn away from her shouts.

The slow walk is excruciating.

I start to run, no choice for stopping.

Quia nunc vale my dear friend,

How sad and mad, we must now end.

The chill had started to come unbound,

Among the gardens and open ground.

Yet she still sits under the oak tree,

Always waiting but never for me.



this is so beautiful ahh it made me feel like crying

29th May, 19

same I love it ?

29th May, 19