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Presented by State Library Victoria

tales of gory

Tales of glory,

Always heard in the stories.

News of victory at the front,

And loved ones dying with honour.


People making honourable sacrifices,

For friends and comrades.

Everyone whether strong or meek

Wanted to go….


It is nothing like what we were taught.


Endless deaths.

Gory, sticky,

Bloodshot men.

Men with stories of their own,

That won’t continue or even mend.


War is a nightmare,

That drones on and on.

Even those who were once courageous,

Dream of a place where it’s safe to sing songs.


A paradise is only available to those who are gone.


A great injustice has taken place,

When a common man is made to continuously taste,

War and pain and suffering in a thick, bloody, paste.



(this was a recent literature assignment on WW1 poetry)

11th May, 18

I love it SO DAMN MUCH

14th May, 18

Woah this is incredible I'm stunned!!!!

26th May, 18

thank you so much! <3

28th May, 18