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the inevitable endings

I’m one of those people who hates endings.

Am I in love with this book series? Yes

Have I been waiting for the last book for a whole year in anticipation and bought it right away? Yes

Am I going to finish it? No.

I will read up to halfway and then it will dawn on me,

This is the last book and I can never read it for the first time again.

All of this love for this series will officially have to end and yes I can re-read but…



Was this entire post just to expose the fact that I’ve been procrastinating finishing two series for this entire year? YES

Also if one more person asks what I’m doing next year at uni imma explode.

Turns out I hate real-life endings just as much as I do in books. I spent the entirety of today cleaning my room and upstairs (including marie kondo-ing all of my clothes) just so I didn’t have to think about the masses amount of hw I have to do and the fact that I only have 4 full weeks of school left before exam revision and then exams and then graduation……okay spiralled into my big dark pit there a bit…


SO basically guys, if you’re having a full-on meltdown like me because this year is a year of endings and you hate endings too…let me know. We can find solidarity in the comments together xx


*was fully intent on writing a poem but it turned into a word blurt..oops?*