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Presented by State Library Victoria

"your world sees in black and white"

Being told that I am growing up in a world that doesn’t see colour,

Is a stark contrast to what I see every time I visit.

I don’t see how you can think that we don’t question black and grey,

Especially when we spent 2018 in a revolt against your ideas.


How can you not see that we are growing?

That shades of purple, yellow and green seep through our fingertips.

You think we paint with greyscale,

While it was your generation who oppressed and stole the colour.

Just when we are gaining our ability to see,

You question how we could possibly stand up for the rights of our friends.


“Your generation attacks anyone who has a different opinion”

It is not our fault that you forced yours without giving others a choice.

Don’t come now and say your words of restriction,

We are rainbow children and we will fly.


~a letter to my dad’s generation



wow this is so powerful, I love it

13th Jan, 19

Thank you! You could say I was heavily inspired :)

13th Jan, 19

Nice. Unfortunately fake news is alive more than ever and the us and them mentality is raging

13th Jan, 19

Wow... that was amazing... I’m sick of people (of that generation or older) presuming we don’t care... we do but we’re told to keep quiet or that standing up for what is wrong is well wrong... sorry when I speak up I yell not whisper... like they want us to... ok that’s it

13th Feb, 19

Completely agree! Not going to lie this was written in response to an argument I had with my dad and instead of yelling at him I wrote angry poetry haha

14th Feb, 19